Rachel Hawthorne
Professional Supervision

I provide external supervision to a range of professionals working in diverse and demanding contexts. My aim is to create a supportive relationship that assists you to navigate complexity, build capability, and create sustainability over time in your work, whatever your role.

I regularly meet with school principals, lawyers, SENCOs, senior leaders, managers, and social, community, & youth workers, and I absolutely love the privilege of working with all my clients, no matter their working context.

I am available to meet face-to-face locally in Christchurch or nationwide remotely via Zoom. Contact me via the link below to find out more, or to arrange a time for an exploratory conversation.

Professional Supervision can assist you to navigate a range of workplace issues

Workplace Wellbeing Consultancy
Looking for support to enhance your wellbeing at work? Whether you're struggling with stress, burnout or other challenges, conversations with Rachel can assist you to develop strategies that meet your needs. From managing overwhelming workloads to balancing priorities, she can guide you in identifying the best resources to help you thrive both in work and life.
Workplace Relations Support
Having issues with colleagues at work? Conversations with Rachel can provide valuable support for navigating workplace relationship dynamics. From managing conflicts to recognising patterns in your responses, Rachel can help you develop the skills and strategies needed to create healthy boundaries and foster positive workplace relationships.
Career Transition Coaching
Feeling stuck, burnt out, or considering your career options?Conversations with Rachel can provide invaluable guidance as you navigate your career journey. From assessing organisational compatibility to identifying professional development goals and opportunities, Rachel can assist you to create a clear pathway for your next steps.
Leadership Development
Wanting to level up your leadership skills? If you are in a position of responsibility conversations with Rachel can grow your capability to influence organisational culture, manage others, and build personal resilience. From leveraging your strengths to problem-solving tricky situations, she can support you to be a reflective, responsive, and effective leader.

What are the benefits of professional supervision?

  • Experience
    • After 25 years working in a variety of teaching, leadership, and pastoral roles within the education sector, I now have my own business offering supervision services to a range of professionals (eg: lawyers; principals; SENCOs; senior leaders; managers; those in not-for-profit governance, and social, community, & youth workers...)
    • I have been offering Professional Supervision Services since 2018
    • I am an experienced facilitator and currently offer workshops to a range of organisations around Workplace Wellbeing, Supervision, and Psychological First Aid.
    • I am also a Funeral Celebrant and Home Funeral Guide providing support, guidance, and resources in my community through Kindred Funerals (http://kindredfunerals.nz/)
  • Philosophy
    • Using a strengths-based, reflective approach, and through developing a confidential, supportive, and collaborative relationship, I work alongside clients to help you prioritise well-being, navigate complexity, grow capability, and increase effectiveness and sustainability in your role - no matter what your working context
  • Qualifications
    • Post-Grad Diploma in Teaching; Masters in Educational Leadership; Post-Grad Certificate in Professional Supervision
    • Career Intelligence Licensed Coach
    • I am trained in Workplace CISM (Crisis Intervention Stress Management)
  • Affiliations
    I am an approved mentor with the Teaching Council NZ
    I am a member of ACSA (Australian Clinical Supervisors Association)
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Professional Supervision & Capability Building
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Rachel Hawthorne
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